Stories from Everywhere for Everyone

Hi, I’m LJ. I teach storytelling and narrative.

I’m also an Aunty, and I love telling stories to and with my nieces and nephews. While we are getting stuck inside, I thought I’d put together some stories for you to listen to if you’ve run out of things to read, or even if you’d just like to hear a story. Most of these will be fairy and folk tales from around the world. These are stories that we all share, and sharing is the thing that is going to help us all right now.

I hope you enjoy them!

What You Do

Send me a link of you reading your fave fairy or folk tale!

What You Do

We’ll share them with as many people as we can!

Let’s make something together.

Send in your recommendations for good reads!

The To-Read Pile

Are there pod-casts or lecture sites you like to use to hear about the best new lit? Let us know!

Getting Techy

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