During this time of physical isolation, there is no need to be socially isolated. The Wayward Girls’ Book Club and Legal Fictions Reading Group for Legal Practitioners and Affiliates are still open for reading, wine, tea, and all the laughs that we usually have. But more than that, we are now expanding, to help foster a love of discussing stories with our younger friends and readers. See below for an outline of, and links to, the different online book clubs. The images link through to each book club’s virtual page.

The Wayward Girls’ Book Club

Last Tuesday of the Month, 8pm.

WGBC has been running out of the Northcote Home for Wayward Girls since 2017. This book club focuses on books by women, queer authors, and authors of colour. All welcome, but definitely containes mature (and immature) content.

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The Next Chapter: A Reading Group on Grief and Mourning

Fourth Thursday of the Month, 8pm.

The Next Chapter reading group will use poetry, fiction, essays, and graphic narratives to explore the grieving process. We meet monthly, via Zoom, to discuss constellations of readings, rather than a particular set reading.

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Third Tuesday of the Month, 8pm

This book club is a pilot program that we are expanding throughout 2022. Membership is limited, but if you are interested in joining, please email us. We read legal judgements alongside novels, short stories and poetry in order to gain insight into legal culture amd practice.

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The Smashed Avo Book Club

Last Sunday of the Month, 6pm AEST

This book club is a pilot program that we are running throughout 2020. A bookclub for Aussies stuck overseas and wanting to keep up to date with the latest and greatest in Australian lit.

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The Book Club for the End of the World

Last Monday of the Month, 8 pm

This book club is for teens and their adults. It does what it says on the tin. We read dystopian fictions and try and use them to understand the world we’re living in right now. This has to be the Darkest Timeline.

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Want to read with us?

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The To-Read Pile

Are there pod-casts or lecture sites you like to use to hear about the best new lit? Let us know!

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