Virtual Book Club for Wayward Girls

Welcome to 2022. I can’t bring myself to use an exclamation mark at this point.

I don’t know about you, but for me 2022 has thus far just been 2020 in a moustache and glasses, hence the late release of information for January’s readings. Given case numbers at the moment I’ve decided to initiate an online book club until June and we can revisit come mid-year. We are meeting on a platform called Topia. It’s similar to Zoom inso far as it allows for video conferencing, but this is set against a background of where your avatar can move around, set up conversation spaces (by moving away from and towards other avatars) and is generally just a little more anarchic. Is this experimental? Yes. If we decide we hate it we can go back to the safety of Zoom, but I thought this might be a nice way to facilitate more natural conversation about the books. You can access the Wayward Girls’ Topia here.

Tickets to my loungeroom are free and available here! It’s always open, but I am scheduling the meeting times as events in the space as well.

Meetings are the last Tuesday of the month and start at 8pm (Melbourne time). BYO wine/tea. You can also click on the image of the book for entry into the Topia.

Books will be updated throughout the year. Send your suggestions for what to read here!

2022 Readings

2021 Readings

26 January 2021, Throat
30 March 2021, The Topless Tower
25 May 2021, Postcolonial Love Poem
23 February 2021, The Murder Farm
27 April 2021, Luster
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